about janette

I began searching for a way to manage or solve the problem of chronic neck pain in my 30’s.  This condition was effecting my whole system, the pain was moving into my back, there were sinus problems worsening, asthma re-surfacing, very poor energy levels and generally life was a struggle.  A few events led to this predicament.  A couple of ski accidents and a car accident in earlier years contributing.

While searching and trying many ways to heal this condition permanently I discovered the Alexander Technique.  I kept resisting learning how to change the use of myself initially, after all, it meant that I had to think and change my habits!  This didn’t sound like a way of leaving behind the pain any time soon.  I didn’t realise at first how harmful and how much my habits were influencing the neck pain etc.  The process of change began when; at last, I decided to learn.

The Alexander Technique offered a solution for the long term and was a way to re-gain the muscular support for my skeletal system that I could apply for myself.  I began to like the idea of knowing what was going on.  Am I pulling myself about?  Am I moving around in a heavy way or a lighter and easier way?  Am I tightening before I begin a task etc.

The improvement in my health and overall well being inspired me to become a teacher.  I joined CATS school for the Alexander Technique directed by Andrea Beesley to embark on a three year training course in 1993.  I wanted to be a teacher of this amazing technique.  The harmful patterns of use were undoing in my system and my body was becoming stronger and stronger.  With the knowledge that I would continue to improve and change while applying the Alexander Technique, I enthusiastically continued on this process.

Since qualifying in 1996 I have attended many conferences around the world and many workshops for post graduate study.  My students have been varied, from all walks of life.  Many arrive because of pain in one area or another.  I know from personal experience that they will have a different way of life if they put the Alexander Technique into practice.

It is very satisfying to witness the process of change that takes place when students have a series of lessons learning the Alexander Technique!