The Alexander Technique

Janette Costin - MAustat, MStat
Teacher of the F M Alexander Technique
Teacher of the "Art of Breathing"

With the Alexander Technique we learn and are taught to take responsibility and to change our direction - from an habitual, automatic direction to one that is conscious, desired and purposeful.

Alexander teachers undergo intensive studies over a three year period or until a minimum of 1600 hours is achieved and teachers continue with post graduate studies as part of professional association requirement.

The technique improves how we live in our society, giving us the ability to cope with stressful conditions and the modern tendency to value the ends with such focus. It is within our understanding to find the harmonious way each end may be reached.

Applying the Alexander Technique gives us the potential to improve postural support, breathing and movement; with the appropriate amount of tension and all the parts of the body involved and working in a synergistic way.

F M Alexander recognized that mal coordination of the muscular system contributed to unnecessary tension and rigidity of the thorax resulting in poor breathing.

Back Pain - that pain you feel in your lower back - that ache in your shoulder or tightness in the neck. These are common ailments brought about by unconscious habits that develop over time. The Alexander Technique helps you find your support system again - back into balance so release of old tensions can gradually take place and there is space for healing.

“People do not decide their futures, they decide their habits and their habits decide their futures” - F M Alexander

Breathing - holding the breath is a common habit. Holding the breath stops the natural movement of respiration and interferes with internal movement. Holding any of the muscles involved in respiration will lessen the action. We need to remind ourselves that the body is three-dimensional and that breathing functions all the way around.

Sound - the voice/sound is a measure of how open or problematic the throat/neck/whole body may be. Applying the Alexander Technique and the Art of Breathing has changed the length of sound available to me, sound rides the breath. I have had asthma all my life, so this clear change is significant.