The Alexander Technique

Janette Costin - MAustat, MStat
Teacher of the F M Alexander Technique
Teacher of the "Art of Breathing"

With the Alexander Technique we learn and are taught to take responsibility and to change our direction - from an habitual, automatic direction to one that is conscious, desired and purposeful.

Breathe Naturally

Respond as in Nature

Children - Teenagers - Adults

Janette Costin Austat Mstat
North Avoca / Central Coast  
Children - half hour  
Adults / Teenagers - 45 mins   mob: 0438 517 868
I have had asthma all my life and found the Alexander Technique over thirty years ago and Carl Stough’s work 5 years ago. This study of efficiency in breathing helped me discover breathing coordination. Maximum efficiency with minimum effort through the system. Anxiety around my breathing is quietened, stopping the compression and tightening.  
  • - recognize harmful habitual patterns
  • - learn how to calm your system
  • - gain knowledge to respond naturally
  • - breathing coordination