The Alexander Technique

Janette Costin - MAustat, MStat
Teacher of the F M Alexander Technique
Teacher of the "Art of Breathing"

The Alexander Technique teaches us the skills to respond in a more coordinated and considered way which helps our overall well being. A way to change harmful habits that interfere with natural functioning.

Breathing Naturally

appropriate responses - movement

Children - Teenagers - Adults

Janette Costin Austat Mstat
North Avoca / Central Coast  
Children - half hour  
Adults / Teenagers - 45 mins   mob: 0438 517 868
The useful discoveries I have encountered over the years have encouraged stopping interferences, habits that prevent natural breathing occurring. Our breathing habits become familiar, therefore, we are unaware of the reduction in functioning.   Breathing coordination happens when our support system is working well. Gradually taking away the interfering patterns allows a return to maximum efficiency with minimum effort.